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Swedish Interior Design

Your private room
However big or small your home – you need your own space. Whether it be a corner of a room (you can partition it off with screens for privacy) or a spare room, or a shed outside. You need a place where you can be creative, paint, sing, write and design.
One of the gifts we have as woman is that we can go from one thing to another like a graceful dancer, unlike men that like to do one thing at a time. So when the creative urge takes you, or you have lost your power or feel the need to be alone – you a have a space set up –just for you.
swedish kitchen repainted in ecos white paints
It wouldn’t work if you placed all paints on the dining table and then an hour later have to clear up so you can make dinner for the family. You need to have a sacred space where you can begin and go back again and again whenever the mood strikes.
Its so easy to make a place yours – you need a table and chair to work from, a little sofa or armchair to contemplate in and maybe find a unit to keep all your craft pieces in too. I have one made from old wood, I had the builder make cubby holes for all my beautiful finds to inspire me when I worked. I have shelves upon shelves of inspiration. I then found an a old metal drawer unit, it has about fifty draws in it I keep all my ribbons and glue and buttons and odds and ends in here.
Have everything you need to hand – so when you have a few minutes spare or an idea springs into your head you can manifest it into being. Its great to have a hideaway – a place where no one else can enter – a place just for you and your creativity, a place where you can be you.

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