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Swedish Interior Design

Scandinavian living room created by Swedish Interior Design

Scandinavian living room created by Swedish Interior Design

Beautiful Scandinavian Swedish Gustavian Living Room created by Swedish Interior Design using a combination of Swedish Gustavian antiques and bespoke furniture designed and handmade in the Swedish Interior Design Artisan Workshop near Brighton UK.
On the floor you can see one of our handmade antique hemp linen rugs made from 100 year old striped hemp linen that perfectly compliments the colours in the room.
The antique Gustavian sleigh is from the early 1800s and we converted it to a Gustavian sofa with a really comfy memory foam seat upholstered in white swedish linen.
The Gustavian country dining table is from the early 1700s with an antique swedish lace tablecloth and the long and short painted settles are part of the 1700s set – we have repainted and antiqued them and handpainted the lovely wreath design detail in a swedish blue.
The Gustavian overmantle mirror and the shell top Gustavian wall mirror are handmade in our bespoke workshop since we couldnt find  antique ones in the right size and is finished in a swedish white with distressed gilt detailing and hand antiqued.Most of our bespoke clients come to us for the same reason, they cant find an antique piece that fits their space or has the dimensions they need so we design and handmake one off pieces to fit their design spaces perfectly.
Finally the swedish 5 arm candle holder Gustavian chandelier is from the mid 1800s and decorated with handmade feather angel wings.
Jo Lee is Director of Swedish Interior Design

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