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Swedish Interior Design

antique swedish art deco armchairs white

Whenever we get asked our most popular pieces, the ubiquitous Swedish Art Deco armchair is always in the top 3.

It is something to do with the brilliant simplicity of this classic design. With Swedish Art Deco armchairs they got it right first time.

It was ground breaking when the Swedish Art Deco armchairs first appeared. A really daring cutting edge concept that hinted of flights to the moon, science fiction and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

A bold statement and yet a simple one. And this is why they work so well in all types of interior design scenario. The classic and ingenious design conservativism of the styling allows the Swedish Art Deco armchair to act as a canvas for the upholstery.

So while the design is eye catching in its own right, you can make a serious design statement with the choice of fabric that you put on it.

So with a classic avant garde fabric, the armchairs could fit quite happily in with Swedish moderne or 80s Italian furniture or even a leather and chrome 90s high tech man cave.

At the same time a traditional or art deco geometric pattern fabric would fit a conservative traditional setting with equal aplomb.

Of course, it is not just the design that is do good. The Swedish Art Deco armchairs are beautifully crafter in top quality birch with a fully sprung seat and webbed back which maximises the comfort over periods of long sitting.

The 5″ copper coil springs are huge which gives maximum strength in the compression when you sit and the seat is so deep that the extra layers of padding and horsehair on the seat give you a firm but luxurious sit.

Personally I have always loved the delicate bentwood arms that feature on most of the armchairs in a top grade of quilted golden birch veneer on a birch support base. They can be french polished a variety of colours. given an ormolu or chinese lacquer finish or even painted depending on your preference.


we always have 9-12 pairs of Swedish Art Deco armchairs in stock so take an look and email us for prices and shipping costs.