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Swedish Interior Design

antique swedish art deco armchairs 1

Swedish art deco armchairs are the top designers tip for 2020 in a variety of online sources.

We can’t say we are really surprised. We love Swedish art deco armchairs for their timeless style and more importantly how incredibly comfortable they are.

The way they are constructed means that you have a firm but supportive seat and back which provides a really comfortable sitting profile unlike squishy modern armchairs. You can spend hours lounging the armchairs watching TV, reading, chatting and just plain hanging out with getting that sore lower back feeling and achy legs.

The secret is in the way that the Swedish art deco armchairs are constructed.

The birch frame is usually finger jointed and extremely sturdy which provides a great basis for the next step: the upholstery.

Usually you will find huge 5″ copper coil springs in the armchairs that rest in a spiders web of upholstery twine and webbing attached to the birch frame. This provides great suspension allowing both enough give to make sitting comfortable but also a firmness to support you against the rigours of gravity.

Then you will find a deep layer of horsehair or natural fibre topped with white felt and cortel with a hessian top layer to hold it in place allowing you to then reupholster in your choice of fabric.

That is why the seat is so deep on these armchairs and it gives them a unique look that is part of their design profile.

The seat back is equally important too and in the Swedish art deco armchairs , the seat back is made of webbing stretched across the frame back with a thick firm pad built out of natural fibre, horsehair, white felt and cortel. This provides great back support with just enough give to lean back into the chair while correctly supporting your posture.

So when you think of your new buys for 2020, make sure that our antique Swedish art deco armchairs are at the top of your list and don’t forget that we offer a full reupholstery service so all you have to do is provide us with the fabric or leather you want us to use on your new armchairs