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Swedish Interior Design

1800s blanket box chest swedish antique folkj art kurbits fax wood grain

Sweden is famous for the depth and character of its folk art decorative skills.

Developed over the centuries across different parts of Sweden, the folk art movement really reached its peak between 1750-1850.

The style of the folk art movement was heavily influenced by the regional cultures of the regions of Sweden.

So for example the very distinctive browns, ochres, russets and reds of the kurbits style of the Dalarna school from the Mora region differs markedly from the vibrant blues, reds and polychromatic finishes from Jamtland.

Folk art furniture and decoration was definitely by the people for the the people. It is peasant art at its finest and decorated the wedding gifts that poor families received on their marriage day.

So they might get a bed or table and chairs. An armoire, a mora clock or a blanket box. A kitchen cabinet or a chest of drawers richly decorated in the swirling and striking swoops of the kurbits style. This has hand painted feathers and swirls in a variety of autumn colours with very fine renditions of faux wood grain with wonderful movement to it.

And because it is a free hand style, every artist differed in their interpretation of the classic kurbits vocabulary making it something that collectors of folk art pieces love to have.

Personally I love the incredible finishes of the Jamtland school which make me think of Swedish summer skis, iridescent summer flowers and crystal clear Swedish lakes. There is a sort of Jamtland faux wood grain too that emulates swirling clouds to my eye – we have a wonderful Jamtland polychromatic cabinet and blanket box at home in this style.

For interior design, Swedish Folk Art Finishes can provide some very interesting visual counterpoints in a room design or can provide a complete theme for a room. Our last kitchen featured lovely warm orange marmarino plaster walls and was filled with early 1800s swedish kurbits folk art furniture.

1800s blanket box chest swedish antique folkj art kurbits fax wood grain