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Swedish Interior Design

At Swedish Interior Design we specialise in reupholstering antique sofas, antique armchairs, antique chaise longe and chairs.
Its important on these original antiques to honour the way they have been built by master craftsmen back in the day.
Our master upholsterer has been sorting out sofas and chairs for over 30 years and is very particular that we only use the absolute best quality of upholstery materials when we reupholster for our clients.
As most of the antique sofas and armchairs we work on are fully sprung, we start at the bottom with black and white webbing that under pins the entire structure.
Next we make sure the twine holding the 5″ copper coils in place is tight and that there is a good balance. Above this layers of hessian , horsehair, natural fibre provide the stuffing topped off with a cortel top underlayer to create a firm curved dome that is teh mark of a well upholstered swedish antique.
Then if we are using a fireproof barrier cloth this goes on next although this is not required as such for an antique that is being reupholstered.
Finally we run the fabric onto the item and prepare the scroll gymp or the double piping as is relevant for the style of the antique armchair.
Of course we also work with leather and only use the finest softest grade of leather – its very popular on our antique swedish art deco armchairs and also the antique biedermeier sofas – finished with contrast or complimentary double piping that we handmachine in the workshop. Leather is much tougher to work so it takes a lot longer than using fabric.
Two tone upholstery is increasingly popular where you use 2 contrasting fabrics to make a real style statement.
2 tone upholstered swedish antique art deco armchair
Here’s a great example using 2 stunning velvets – you have to be very careful to make sure that the velvet pile runs the correct way so its quite time consuming to do but we love it
another example of velvet on this lovely biedermeier sofa with an art deco patterned velvet
antique swedish biedermeier sofa upholstered in art deco velvet
And here’s the hands of the master in action
master upholstery brighton hove sussex

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