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Swedish Interior Design

french mannequin view at montaurand chambres d'hotes madeleine lee

Swedish Antique Mora Clocks :

As all designers know, there are certain problem spaces that clients like to have included in the designs but that for whatever reason are hard to both light and decorate.

Turns in the stairs, corners of rooms, narrow hallways can all cause a pause for thought – you don’t want to over decorate a room design, but you need enough visual decoration to ‘pop’ when viewing a space.

That’s why designers turn so often to swedish antique mora clocks as the answer to their dilemma.

Swedish Mora clocks pack an enormous visual punch when placed in a space and really draw the eye to that place with a great sense of style. The great variety on shapes and decoration of mora clocks means you can find exactly the right one for any design environment.

A plain but classic country mora clock for your kitchen to add a bit of pizzaz without getting in the way or taking over the space? Check.

Turn in the stairs needs something? Now a mora clock in a quiet neutral colour stands guard over the staircase perhaps in a taller since over 220cm tall? Check

Your hallway needs something but you are not sure what to do? Find yourself a more extravagantly painted swedish mora clock that will dominate the hallway in your eye view – but its only 25cm deep so it won’t get in the way. Perhaps one with trompe l’oeil painted designs or a kurbits folk art mora clock.

Your sitting room needs a colour explosion – look for a fryksdal mora clock with the classic wide belly and ornate carved detail in a typical swedish neutral colour of white, grey or green. Perhaps if your decorative spirit allows, you can choose an ornate and delicately hand painted chinoiserie mora clock? This would really give you something to look as you fall into the hand painted chinese figures and scenes.

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antique swedish mora clock and french staircase