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Blue Handmade Bespoke Antique Hemp Linen Rug

We handmake wonderful antique striped hemp linen rugs, runners and roman blinds for clients in any size with natural hemp linen edge binding. So you can have the right antique hemp linen rug or runner for the space you have.

The hemp linen is a wonderful rustic material that looks great and feels even better underfoot especially when backed with 11mm underlay. It’s so much more interesting than traditional Persian or Indian rugs and given the choice of stripe colours, we have hemp linen rolls that will suit every colour scheme. The background colour of each roll is different too varying from light fawn to a slightly darker biscuit.

You have 2 choices in terms of design- a frame with central vertical strips within it or just vertical strips. You can also mix different striped antique hemp linen rolls for effect. This one is 4m x 4m handmade antique hemp linen runner in an edge bound design with norwegian forest cat. You can see examples of the frame and vertical strip templates on the antique hemp line rugs page


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