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CAB 25 Gustavian 2 Door Armoire Bespoke

This is a perfect example of a variation on the classic Gustavian country armoire shape. We used the raised and fielded panels as a real feature bringing them to the fore but using the 2 tone farrow and ball colour palette accessorised with antique escutcheon.

This bespoke armoire needed to have a hanging rail suitable for long dresses so it had to be deeper than normal (given that a standard hanger is 45-50cm wide). So we created all the dimensions and other storage in the piece around that crucial measurement and hand finished the armoire with a very flat smooth finish with just a very light antiquing.

If you like this shape, we can design one to fit your needs and the space you have to fill making sure that all your storage requirements are met and yet creating a beautiful armoire with a real antique feel that will give you joy every time you see it.


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