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CAB 27 2 Door Rococo Armoire Bespoke

If the more florid curves of the classic rococo style are your thing, but you are fed up with seeing the twee reproduction pieces that festoon the market place, this bespoke Rococo armoire might be just the thing.

As every bespoke armoire we make is truly a one off, we can take all the refinements that you enjoy in the classic Rococo style and design them into an armoire that has all the storage potential that you need with just the right mix of carved and ornamented detailing. We can even mix styles creating a unique look for you that goes perfectly with your design concept and of course it can be hand finished in a painted or natural manner.

So don’t restrict yourself to the endless reproductions of French Rococo. Lets design a unique armoi for you in wrongful polished woods or antiqued smooth distressed paint that you will love and cherish for ever.


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