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CAB55 Gustavian Linen Press Bespoke

<p>When you are looking for a cabinet dresser for your living or dining room, there is always an optimum amount of space you need to fill and of course it needs to fit perfectly with your interior decor and provide all the storage space you need</p>

<p>When you come to us, we help you decide exactly what you would love to have, incorporating perhaps details from different antique dressers you’ve seen and combining them with all the storage you need in a style that you love. A unique design created just for you and finished in any painted or natural wood finish that you like</p>

<p>We can use any type of wood you fancy in your cabinet dresser and make sure that all the special designs details merge into a seemless whole creating a stunning original beautiful bespoke dresser cabinet that you will want to keep for ever.</p>

<p>Of course we can include any number of drawers, shelves, hanging rails, plate racks, internal lighting, antique glass (if available) and any amount of antiquing or distressing of the paint finish to get it exactly as youve dreamed</p>

<p>Pricing depends on the dimensions and specifications that you choose, so please email or call us with your ideas and we’ll work oput a quote for you</p>


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