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DT12 Bespoke Makeup Dresser

One of the most important things in your bedroom or dressing room is the lighting for the vanity table or dressing table where you get dressed. THe best light for applying makeup needs to be flat and even and there are a number if special makeup lighting systems on the market

When you ask us to handmade you a bespoke dressing table, it’s not just the dimensions, look, numbers of drawers and shelves that we take into account. As in the bespoke dressing table you can see here, we can include unobtrusive special makeup lighting to give you the clean flat light you need without disturbing the design from a visual perspective married to be beautiful hand painted motifs, soft flat paint finishes and really useful storage that suits you.

You can have any combination of drawers and storage and any number of Mirrors to suit your needs and the space you have available and we can handprint in any colour for you with troupe l’oeil detailing and other decoration as you like.

If you contact us with your dimensions and an idea of what you like, we can design and create the perfect dressing table for your space. One that makes your heart soar every time you look at it


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