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TAB33 Bespoke Painted Writing Desk

This is an example of a Handmade Bespoke Gustavian Grey Painted Pedestal Desk with 3 drawers, cut glass drawer knobs and Gilt edging with internal shelving that we made for a client.

We can handmake you a desk to any size or specific requirement including number of drawers, internal shelves, secret compartments, pencil drawers, choice of woods and painted or natural finishes.

This particular design utilises fleur de lye type gesso designs on the door fronts hand gilded in gold with a sculpted pedestal design and overhanging desktop.

So if you let us know what you like we design your bespoke desk exactly as you see it in your minds eye and we can help you with great ideas to find extra uses for it to satisfy all your storage needs.


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