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U SL3 Bespoke Sleigh Sofa

Can’t find the antique sofa that suits? Don’t like modern sofa design? Not sure what do try next? Here’s a novel idea.

A number of our clients who enjoy design challenges wanted something really different and asked us to design and handmade them a sleigh sofa complete with a fully upholstered bench seat which lifts up to provide underseat storage. We have already convert a number of real 1800s sleighs into sofas for our clients but you are always stuck with the dimensions of the sleigh itself. This way we can design and handmake a sleigh sofa with natural fibre or memory foam seat pad that superbly comfortable and has the exact width, length an sleight that suits your space.

Our master upholsterer can even fit a fully sprung seat for ultimate sitting support if that’s what you would like.

Go on. Think outside the box and try a bespoke sleigh sofa that is comfortable, eye catching, and unique to you


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