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1 Bespoke Handmade Sleigh Bed

We have converted a number of our 1800s Swedish antique sleighs into sleigh beds for clients, but of course you are always restricted by the shape and size of the sleighs we can find

So we have instead started to design our own real sleigh beds for clients based around the dimensions and mattress sizes they have available. This way, you can have the size you need, the finish you want and the level of decorative motifs you like to fit the space you have. Whether its a single sleigh bed for an Italian farmhouse or a super king sleigh bed for a modern chic bedroom in black lacquer finish, we can design whatever you need.

We can show you examples of real 1800s Swedish sleighs to give you some ideas for a starting point and we can even custom create the bent metal skids and side handles of real sleighs if that’s what you like.

Let us know what you like and we can talk through how we would design and make your sleigh bed and the different options you can choose from


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