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DT11 Bespoke Dressing Table

Here we designed an Incredible Bespoke Handmade Antique Pine Grey Carved Mirror Pedestal Dressing Table With Extensive Silver Gilt Acanthus Leaf and Gustavian Rosette Decoration for our client.

She asked for a fairytale dressing table in which she could house her collection of antique perfume bottles and that we should include the initials for her and her daughter somewhere on the piece.

As every piece we handmake is individual to each client, you can have the dressing table made that you have always dreamed of – perfect in colour, finish, shape, fitting your decor perfectly and includes your choice of dimensions, colours, woods and any special refinements you require.

If you would like to have your dressing table personally designed and handmade, give us a call and we can sketch out your ideal piece


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