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Swedish Interior Design

As Swedish antique mora clocks get rare, its a great time to get one for your home. They are inspirational to look at, standing like a guardian angel over your life and give you great joy to look at them. Of course its obligatory to give your clock a name too. What would yours be?
Every mora clock has an individual personality that shines through and everyone is different as they were individually made to the makers whim unless specifically ordered by a client to have intricate detailing/carving/engraving/trompe l’oeil painting.
We find them in heights from 186-250cm and generally the width is between 50-60cm with an average depth of about 25cm.
They are usually made of pine but we have found them in oak and one that was even hollowed out from a single log almost like a canoe – very heavy that one was. The way they are constructed does mean that as the clock ages the joins between the various panels can move and widen but that is part of the joy of a real mora clock – it wears the marks of its life for all to see and so acquires the lovely look and feel we all search after.
The antique mora clocks face tends to come in 2 kinds – a conventional numbering and roman numerals. Here are 2 great examples from recently sold clocks
antique mora clock face roman numeral
antique mora clock face
Antique mora clock faces generally use the same serpentine style brass hands unless they are very early 1800s when you find a lot of single handed mechanisms.
The actual clockwork sits on a wooden platform to which the face is usually screwed although on rare occasions the face is only held onto the mechanism by metal brackets.
Also very rarely you can find a clock with a metal engraved face which is really cool often with elegant patterns etched into it.
The other option you find is where a clock has either a face that has been decorated with flower or other patterns or is over size to make a statement like this one that is on its way to california
mc28 antique swedish large head mora clock
you can find Europe’s largest selection of Mora clocks here –
Contact us with any questions or email the MC number of the clock you like for a quote.

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