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Today i thought we’d have a look at the varying shapes of  Mora Clock belly contours .
This is one of the major distinguishing points of the Mora Clock style that sets them apart from other types of English, European and US Grandfather clocks.
The whole concept of Mora Clocks is built around the fertility goddess shape – the womanly curves, pregnant belly and hourglass figure.
It’s one of the things that makes painted mora clocks so attractive and desirable. It seems to call out a response deep within us in the same way we respond to prehistoric clay earth mother figures. The curvy profile spells fertility and abundance to our subconscious.
So here’s a selection of  belly shapes from our current Mora Clock selection of over 60 antique clocks.
First up:

oak stain antique mora clock for sale

oak stain antique mora clock for sale

Here’s a very rare oak stain natural wood Mora Clock MC59 with an extremely oversize belly and decorated pinched waist. It has an expanded  convex glass viewing port to be able to see the pendulum swinging. The clock is tall and has a slightly wider plinth to balance the extensive belly giving it a stunning proportion.
white fryksdall swedish mora clock for sale

white fryksdall mora clock for sale

This is a rare 220cm tall white Fryksdall Mora Clock MC64 – the Fryksdall shape as we have touched on previously has a particular focus on an extended belly with a narrow waist decorated with scrolls that are matched on the hood too. Again this one has a prominent glass viewing port although in this case the glass is flat rather than convex.
black and gold painted mora clock for sale

black and gold painted mora clock for sale

This is an extremely grand black and gold painted Mora Clock MC60 show the classic belly profile again with viewing port but picked with the gold paint and heavily decorated with a handpainted flower motif. Its unusual to find painted antique clocks like this one and this was very definitely a prized possesion in a wealthy home.
white painted antique fryksdall mora clock for sale

white painted antique fryksdall mora clock for sale

Here’s another variation on the Fryksdall clock shape – they are always slightly different due to artistic vision even when the clock is made within one of the Mora Clock sub genres like Fryksdall or Bridal Clocks. This beauty is on its way to devon.
finally :
grey country mora clock for sale

grey country mora clock for sale

This classic grey country Mora Clock MC70 still has a wider belly profile than some other types of painted mora clocks and is very pleasing to look at but without the over exuberance of the more pregnant styles we have featured above – of course its all down to personal taste so just find one thAt YOU LOVE!
If you have any questions about our stock of Mora Clocks or just want to know more about them – do get in touch.
Jo Lee is Director of Swedish Interior Design

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