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Swedish Interior Design

We began our bespoke workshop about 8 years ago after repeated requests from clients for antique pieces that did not exits – ie you wont find an original early 1880s gustavian bed in super king size.
Mostly our clients have specific requests for their bespoke furniture as they need it to fit a specified space, have a particular useage or an unusual configuration.
For us the fun comes when we have to design a piece that not only fits the design ethic of a clients home but incorporates very specific measurements, specifications or unusual extra. It takes a bit of thinking about to design a bespoke bed, armoire, chest of drawers, cabinet or table that needs to be just so!
It may be that they want an pod dock with hidden speakers in the bespoke bed frame, a specific number of drawers within a defined space for a bespoke chest of drawers, an extra wide bespoke dining table at a special height or a bespoke country dresser with specific storage for their plates and cutlery.
Heres a few before an after examples:
Gustavian 4 door bespoke armoire
The client needed somewhere to house her collection of designer ewa i walla dresses with specific haning heights and a selection of drawers and shelves with a very highly carved ad detailed gustavian look in a cornflower white handpainted finish with light antiquing.
Heres the initial sketch of the design –
This encapsulated the look she wanted in her bespoke armoire and here’s the finished armoire after a few design tweaks
Another client needed a very large ornate bespoke cabinet/armoire that needed to match the height of the dado rail in their apartment which has very high ceiling again in a classic gustavian armoire style.
It was to be made from antique oak with a grey gustavian handpainted finish, heavily distressed with dog tooth shelving to allow for different shelving heights as circumstances dictate
heres the sketch:
and heres the finished bespoke cabinet
One of the most popular are the bespoke server tables that we make – you can have any size , colour and combination of shelves, drawers or doors.
This is our own bespoke server table:
handmade bespoke server table
If you would like to see more about our bespoke furniture visit

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