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Swedish Interior Design

Busy time here at Swedish Interior Design. People are definitely in the mood for something Swedish before christmas.
We have had mora clocks, biedermeier sofas, art deco armchairs, gustavian mirrors, swedish country tables, farmers rococo chairs, dining tables, gustavian cabinets, rococo cabinets, swedish country tables and box tables and other antique items flying out the door.
One of my favorite things is getting emails form our clients showing their prized purchase in its new surroundings so i thought today we could do a little compendium of our pieces in customers homes.
Its always interesting to see people’s personal styles and how they like to incorporate the swedish antiques they have bought from us into their surroundings.
Sometimes it can be quite surprisingly and its a good learning experience for us to see where people use our swedish antiques in settings we wouldnt expect.
Armchairs is always a good one as we get asked to reupholster in fabrics that at first viewing dont seem to suit the chairs but then when you see them in situ , you go – “ok actually that looks really cool and i wouldnt have thought of that.”
So its good to be open minded and to be reminded that style is a very personal thing.
For example a antique gustavian dining table repainted in gloss black – well you wouldnt have thought that would work. but in the actual setting in a very modern apartment it looked amazing. So we long ago decided that whatever the client wants is ok with us – spray a cabinet electric pink? no problem.
Want a mora clock repainted in a crazy neon colour? sure thing.
Armchairs upholstered in seriously clashing two tone fabrics – way to go
There’s no accounting for taste and there’s a really good lesson in that about letting everyone do their own thing –
Its also a good lesson not to be prissy about antiques. Whereas the older generation had a more museum like attitude we think these wonderful pieces are here to be enjoyed – and so it you want it painted pink – well good on you!
So it seems we’ve come to the end of our blog already.
Next time we’ll post the promised pics but here’s one to be going on with.
gustavian antique bergere armchairs

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