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Swedish Interior Design

So, my dressing room / walk in wardrobe is taking shape nicely but now to finish it off.

Its time to accessorise! Thats always the fun bit.

I love looking at clothes as art and many of my Ewa I Walla dresses are displayed in prominent positions around Swedish Interior Design HQ. Some on mannequins , others hung and dressed with flowers , lace and other ideas.

In the corner of my dressing room, I have placed the silk and ermine dress and hooded silk cloak that I designed for my wedding in Sweden to Jo on 2006…. what a beautiful affair that was, married in December outside by a preacher in a wolfskin coat in the glittering winter frost & the freezing night air lit by burning braziers surrounded by friends and family.

The venue was a wonderful 16th swedish mansion house called Dufweholm near Katrinholm  in Sweden.

I arrived in the grounds upon an old Swedish horse and carriage.

It was the night of Santa Lucia ( Swedish Festival of lights) so my cousin’s children led the precession as they sung dressed in white robes, garlanded with crowns of candles around their heads .. what memories … so why fold my wedding dress away in the dark so noone ever sees it.

I have placed it in prime spot of my dressing room so as you walk in through the door it’s the first thing you see. I even added a pair of feathered angel wings at the back for fun and roses within my mannequin arms ..

handmade bespoke wedding dress with hand stitched silk and ermine

handmade bespoke wedding dress with hand stitched silk and ermine

Next in the centre of the ceiling I placed an old Victorian hoop skirt, known as a Crinoline, hanging regally above the room.
Crinoline was originally a stiff fabric with a weft of horse hair and a warp of cotton or linen thread. The fabric first appeared around 1830, but by 1850 it came to be known as a stiffened petticoat or rigid skirt-shaped structure of steel designed to support the skirts of a woman’s dress into the required shape.
I found this one on eBay after endless searching for the right one.I love to look up from my settle in the dressing room and see it suspended there and I wonder often wonder about the history of its previous owners.
1800s victorian crinoline hoop skirt
To light the room we have 2 antique swedish gustavian chandeliers.

Victorian hoop skirts in use
Victorian hoop skirts in use

Here is the picture of me on my wedding day  arriving by carriage…..  I wore my mother in laws ermine hand warmers and her ermine hat … I used lots of vintage fabrics within my dress too

madeleine lee wedding cloak in silk and ermine

madeleine lee wedding cloak in silk and ermine

It really was a wonderful, magical day.
Madeleine Lee is Creative Director of Swedish Interior Design

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