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Swedish Interior Design

As usual we have been searching high and low to find you the most amazing Swedish antiques and we have come up trumps!
The stunning honey colours of the flame and quilted golden birch veneers that characterise 1800s and early 1900s Swedish Biedermeier are becoming increasingly popular as the world of design moves on from its overlong fascination with painted furniture.
Swedish Biedermeier fits so well into all types of modern design environments and the construction of these antique furniture pieces is just masterful – furniture just isn’t made like this any more. The level of craftsmanship is exemplary and the beautiful golden birch show wood veneers are the highest grade you can find with wildly flamed and quilted grains enhanced by the light honey colour.
Its been crazy at Swedish Interior Design HQ over the past month with Biedermeier sofas flying out the door and so we are really pleased to have found these incredible pieces.
First off look at this incredible Biedermeier chiffonier writing desk. Rich golden birch veneers with stunning inlaid marquetry, ormulu detailing, ivory drawer handles and very rare burle birch too. Wow!

Antique Swedish Biedermeier chiffonier writing desk

Antique Swedish Biedermeier chiffonier writing desk

Next we have a pair of Beautiful Swedish Biedermeier Carver Chairs. These are really hard to find and especially with this top grade of quilted birch veneer and the added ormulu detail on the orbs.
The craftsmanship on them is again superb and they light honey stain allows them to go with all kinds of interior design settings. Very comfy to sit on too.
Ive always liked the way the legs on Biedermeier carvers splay forward very slightly – its a great piece of design.
antique biedermeier carver chair fan motif with ormulu detail
We were lucky enough to find not just one pair but two! The second pair of Biedermeier antique carver chairs are also in excellent condition but a litle less fancy without the fan motif and the ormulu detailing and in a very slightly darker stain. The golden birch veneers are again top quality.
antique biedermeier carver chair orb motif
Each of the carver chair pairs also came with a matching pair of deliciously decorated flamed golden birch dining chairs also in great condition.
biedermeier dining chair fan motif
Fan motif antique biedermeier dining chairs – pair – CH59
biedermeier carver chair roundel motif
Roundel  motif antique biedermeier dining chairs – pair – CH58

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