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Swedish Interior Design

In the heart of Devon there lives a talented lady called Sarah Strachen. She makes these amazing dolls…. they come alive at her fingertips … I am sure that when she turns the light out and goes to bed they stetch up on their wired legs and live a secret life all of their own.
Sarah lives in Devon with her husband and two children. 
sarah strachen dolls
Before having a family she made creatures for film, TV and theatre.  Now she work from her studio in Totnes, making dolls, writing for children, painting and generally being creative.Each doll is completely unique, an heirloom piece to be treasured for ever. Each doll takes hours to make, their limbs are wired so they are posable, their faces are hand-painted and they measure about about 21cm tall standing on their tip toes. 
doll on quilt
When she can’t find the fabric she  creates something by hand, painting a design on to silk or cotton. She makes her  dolls in groups around a theme.She is happy  to take commissions – if you have a favourite outfit, piece of fabric, style idea, then please contact her and of course hair/skin colour can be requested.Her dolls are collectors items and are not suitable for children.
Have a look in the gallery to see her previous work.You can buy dolls from her shop or she sells the dolls at The Cross Shop, a beautiful fashion boutique in Holland Park, London where they re-create high end fashion in miniature.
2 dolls by sarah strachen 
2 dolls in a metal bed
here she is at work …… Sarah I’m buying one …. just amazing …. her website is great for christmas presents
Or you can buy her items from the Selvedge Magazine online shop. She is doing their fair right now. Selvedge is a great magazine, if you haven’t come across it I highly recomend you purchace one …. fantastic if you have a passion for textiles and fabric www.selvedge.orgselvege ed

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