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Swedish Interior Design

So here we are in 2020 and checking our crystal ball for the ‘in things’ for the coming year.

Will there be a swing back to the classic gorgeous and decorative feel of Swedish Gustavian furniture?

After the death of the shabby chic revolution, mid century modern furniture has has its brief moment in the spotlight. But it won’t be around for long fortunately.

All that teak and miserable lacklustre brown finishes – it was fun for a while but the fashion clock keeps spinning and now what will the roulette wheel throw out for 2020?

Maybe it will the resurgence of the classic and highly crafted Swedish Biedermeier furniture genre. This would make sense as it is the grown up brother of the mid century with better craftsmanship, classier finishes and better construction.

It would also fit nicely in with any mid century modern that you may have bought but will stand out much more and be a real eye catcher in your design palette.

The top grade golden birch, satinwood, cherrywood, birds eye maple and quilted mahogany veneers are incredible to behold and the construction of these Biedermeier pieces is super strong so they will last you a lifetime with a bit of care.

The ability to mix the Biedermeier and Art Deco chairs, Art Deco armchairs, Biedermeier tables and cabinets with later furniture means you can still indulge your present requirement for the mid century modern or later pieces but when you tire of them and tire of them you will, then you will still have all the Gorgeous Biedermeier and Art Deco pieces to keep and around which you can create your next set of designs.

So whether you are wondering how to revamp your living room, funk up your home office, cool out your dining room or shake up your kitchen.

Now you know what needs to be done.