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1 CAB 43 Gustavian 4 Door Armoire Bespoke

Sometimes 2 doors just won’t do and you need so seriously beautiful serious storage! If you have the space and the height to accommodate a really big gustavian armoire, we can hand make you a bespoke 4 door armoire like this with huge amounts of hanging space and internal shelving, internal mirrors, shoe and tie racks or any other specialist need that you have.

Maybe even 4 doors isn’t enough? So we’ll design a 6 door or even 8 door armoire in perfect visual balance with all the decorative carvings and Gustavian or other motifs that you like. Straight cornice and raised and fielded panels, curved cornice with central carved detail and mirrored draw fronts. It really is whatever you fancy. All handmade with love by master artisans who love their craft and enjoy the challenge of every new design.

If you like this design, we will take the elements of design that you love about it and create a masterwork just for you that fits exactly into your given space and to your choice of finish.


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