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M6 Bespoke Mirror

Here’s a Bespoke Handmade Gilt Painted Shield Shape Wall Mirror with handcarved centre piece, antique bevel glass that we made for a client from antique wood

The project started with this astounding original shield shape bevelled mirror glass we found – We were given an open brief to have fun with it so we came up with this complex and visually beautiful design to make a real statement mirror that became a focal point for teh room it was in.

If you would like a very special mirror like this one, let us know. Every bespoke mirror we handmake is individual to each customer and includes your own choice of dimensions, colours, woods and any special refinements you require. We use antique glass where available and this way we can together together and create a masterpiece mirror that you will want to keep for ever.

You are an important part of the design team in our bespoke process and we work with you to make sure that every facet of the mirror reflects your ideal concept. From every carving and curve to colour, texture and feel.


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