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Here’s a perfect solution for the iPad generation. If an antique beautiful pedestal desk is not right for your space or design ethic, a bespoke sleigh desk is a really cool alternative that’s both usable and useful.

It’s absolutely perfect for today’s way of working and we can include the desk section in fliptop or fixed format and storage requirements that you need for your laptop or screen. It makes working fun and we can make them to any size so it can be very short or full sleigh size if you prefer.We have even included an iPod dock and hidden speakers for one client which was great fun to do.

Again we can make your bespoke sleigh desk in any colour or finish so it can subtly blend into its surroundings or really standard out as the centre piece if a room.

Visualise it. Your sleigh desk ready and waiting for your working journey – fun and eminently usable at the same time.


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