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In the north of Sweden, We source real 1800s Original Swedish Antique Double Seat leather upholstered Sleighs for you to convert to sofas and beds

This sleigh is a fantastic example of the genre, with lovely flowing lines, skids, original metal work and upholstered seat. If you would like us to source you an original sleigh and convert it to a bed or sofa as we have done for a number of adventurous clients, let us know and we will email you photos of sleighs you might like. We have a real sleigh converted to a sofa in the Swedish interior design living room which is super comfy and looks amazing.

We overhaul each sleigh to make sure it is structurally sound, can repaint it in any colour you choose, add extra carvings or decoration or personalise it for you too. Sleigh sofas are unique so let us find you one now.


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