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TAB53 Bespoke Coffee Table Design

Its really hard to find beautifully made coffee tables in exactly the size and finish that you want. Thats why our clients ask us to design and handmake them their perfect bespoke carved coffee table from beautiful woods including 150 year old antique pine.

We start by designing the coffee table of your dreams to your choice of dimensions and paint finish to be handmade in our specialist bespoke workshop. It can be as simple or elaborately decorated as you like with multiple carvings and gesso mouldings and finished in pristine condition or heavily antiqued. Rustic wash or perfect smooth paint, polished wood or country pine.

This way you get a bespoke coffee table at exactly the right height for your surrounding seating, in a decorative finish that perfectly compliments your interior, with the right amount of under table top storage if you want it.

To make choosing easier, we can offer you an initial choice of carvings and leg shape options depending on the height you need but its no problem to design and handcarve unique emblems or shapes if thats what you would like. Of course the dimensions you choose will to a certain extent dictate how the design elements in your coffee table come together to make it work as a pleasing whole. So let us know what you would like and remember we can ship anywhere in the world

Pricing depends on the specification of the coffee table you want so please email or contact us for a quote


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