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U SL5 Handmade Sleigh Sofa

This fun project came about for a client who had a chalet in Gstaad in Switzerland and wanted to surprise her sleigh mad twins with a pair of racing sleigh beds.

We designed these sleigh beds that you see here around the mattress size the client stipulated and had some fun with the racing aspect of the design so they could dream of whooshing down toboggan runs in their dreams. We also handprint them in non toxic organic paints and incorporated aspects of the mural already on the twins bedroom wall into our design.

If you fancy a sleigh bed of your very own, either a racing sleigh bed or one based on the design of a real Swedish working sleigh, we can handmade one for in our bespoke workshop to any size and in any finish. We are lucky to have had a number of antique Swedish real sleighs in stock that we have converted to beds for clients so we have a real intuitive understanding of the dynamics and design components of working sleighs.

Go on. Spoil yourself and get a unique racing or antique style sleigh bed for the ultimate in bedroom chic and comfort


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