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1 Bespoke Handmade Gustavian Oak Carved Bed

We love to work with antique oak – we have a stock of stunning grained 70 year old french oak to work with.

We created this Bespoke Handmade Gustavian Oak Carved Bed for an eastbourne client in a light mahogany stain with wonderful carved decoration on the curved headboard and foot footboard along with a pair of matching bespoke armoires.

We can make you a bed like this one or in any other style you like using this sumptuous oak. It can be simple and elegant or far more detailed with carvings – whatever suits your design philosophy. Since we design the bed with you as a key member of the team, we can incorporate all the refinements that you want visually and the dimensions and finish that you prefer.

Why not give us a call and we can start out on the exciting adventure to design your new bed together?


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