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Swedish Interior Design

antique swedish biedermeier sofa 8

As everyone goes batshit crazy for mid century modern furniture, now wonders how long it will last until everyone is bored by the alan and teak and utter rubbish that is in vogue. Don’t get me wrong top end swedish and danish mid century design is amazing but you have to get the good stuff and unfortunately as the uninitiated sheep jump on the band wagon they buy anything mid century and feel proud even if its poor quality.

I really hope that 80s isn’t next – thats just too horrible to contemplate.

For the design connoisseur, the timeless appeal of swedish biedermeier furniture makes it a stunning addition to your household and a good investment too.

The construction is first rate with great swedish materials and proper slow grown wood with all the artisan craftsmanship evident in the beautifully french polished veneers, jointing, carved detailing and fully sprung seating that is becoming a lost art.

best of all the design of the swedish biedermeier style works perfectly in a more modern environment so for example a swedish biedermeier sofa reupholstered in a really cool modern fabric can sit perfectly in a mid century modern design layout ( and even add a bit of class to the proceedings).

You can even have your swedish biedermeier sofa table or armchair replaced to a different shade if you want the yuck brown teak colour of mid century to be your pervasive colour tone

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