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Swedish Interior Design

It is great whenever we find a really cool Swedish antique mora clock. They are getting harder to find every year and since we are very fussy about the Swedish mora clocks we want to add to our collection, it makes it rare for us to one that we really feel is worthy to offer you.

At 207cm it is a nice height – grand without being over bearing and that little bit taller than the standard mora clock size of around 200cm.

This mora clock is very unusual. It has a more slender body shape than the classic mora clocks which gives it a more refined and elegant rather than earthy feel. Also the narrowness of the body and neck make the head look larger than it is which is both an optical illusion and a nice design feature.

The viewing port for the pendulum is present which is always a nice feature and I like the way the bottom half of the mora clock curves into the slight bely of the belly section.

It has really nice detail with the scrollwork carvings on the neck which indicate a Fryksdal clock influence. This is nicely set off by the Gustavian style ribbon motif in the centre.

The gold edge detailing is nicely applied and gives the mora clock extra definition somehow so that the edges ‘pop’.

The hood is nicely proportioned with a gold edged small crown at the top and the face is clean with very artistically applied numbering done with a flourish.

The pedestal is simple yet elegant and overall this antique mora clock has a lovely feel to it and will happily grace any style of home.

As usual we offer 2 choices of mechanism. A standard battery electric mechanism included in the price that runs on 2 AA batteries or for an extra charge we can fit a superb sounding chiming battery electric mechanism for you. This uses a recording of a real chime replayed through a small speaker and it sounds wonderful. Very handily it has an 8 hour night off switch for peaceful sleep and a volume control so you can change the loudness.

There is no damage to the clock in removing the original clockwork as it is only held in place by one small bolt and you will get the clockwork with the clock in a box to keep in cupboard so the clock remains complete. As we have noted before, the original clockworks are very difficult to keep going now as they are old and not very well made so we strongly recommend the electric or electric chiming options.

If you are interested please contact us via the website for pricing and more information.