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Swedish Interior Design

antique french deers head

AS we barrel towards a no deal brexit like lemmings off a cliff and wonder at the implosion of the UK IN THIS UNBELIEVABLY STUPID ACT of self harm, people wonder how it will affect the antiques trade.
Currently everything comes to us from sweden no problem within the EU framework. One assumes that post brexit, there will still be no levies on antiques but that the shipping will be slower , more complicated and more expensive to organise.
This will affect prices of course but them I think everyone in britain is going to find the cost of living spiralling on everything – thanx BORIS.
Where this crazy decision will lead no one knows and in reality how will affect us = we have to wait and see.
We have a great stock of swedish biedermeier art deco and gustavian antiques built up prior to brexit and so you needn’t worry about fulfilling your biedermeier hit. We will continue to be europe’s leading supplier for biedermeier and also dont forget the 40 antique mora clocks we have in stock as europe’s leading specialist.
So I look forward to seeing boris, sajid and the horrible xenophobe pritti (ugly in character more like) fall flat on their face. Perhqps the idiots in broughton and other sunderland and other cities with international manufacturers will wonder why they voted themselves out of a job as the japanese and euro companies join the brexit exodus- well you asked for it.

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