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Swedish Interior Design

The Antique Swedish Mora Clocks we have for sale never go out of fashion – you can find them in a range of sizes from 190cm to a whopping 250cm and in a variety of colours although the blues greens pinks and yellows are rarer and often later repaints – not that that matters much unless you a serious collector.
A Swedish Mora clock can really contribute to the design of the space that it is in throwing it into sharp contrast and really catching the eye.
Especially if it is one of the rare handpainted ones which feature flowers, wreaths, trompe l’oeil designs, chinoiserie landscapes or the colourful kurbits folk art handpainted ones like the clock shown here in our old kitchen in brighton.
Alternatively there are some lovely simple antique mora country clocks with an elegant and unfussy finish usually in greys or whites that can blend more perfectly in their surroundings i9f thats the feel you want to create with our antique mora clock.
Facewise there are generally 2 choices – either normal handpainted numbers on the face often with dots in between and roman numerals for a different look and feel. The faces are generally metal with enamel paint on them but the very early ones can be wooden with metal embossing for detail.
One thing to remember is that the old clockworks in these clocks are very agricultural and unreliable so now most people make the sensible choice to fit a battery lectric mechanism instead which can be done without damaging the mora clock + the clockwork can be easily put back in at any time.
One of the biggest problems is that there are so few clock repairers who are comfortable working with the enforced simplicity of the mora clock mechanism and also there are fewer and fewer horologists available as the bulk of them are slowly retiring with no new blood coming on board. If you can find one, they often have a 6 month waiting list and will charge u=you upward s of £600 to sort out your clock ( which may then stop again anyway).
You do find the odd dealer who claims to be selling the clocks in fulling working order but when you read the small print they wont guarantee it at a remote location and then its up to you to get the clock going again which really isn’t easy despite the supposed offer of youtube instructi0nal videos and other so called ‘set up’ aids.
It is of course your choice but the sensible people have better things to do than endless play with clock mechanism to keep them working,
You can see Europe’s largest selection of antique mora clocks from the the leading mora clocks specialist swedish interior design here :

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