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Swedish Interior Design

We are making a beautiful swedish style bespoke handmade extending dining table for a client so I thought it would be a good opportunity to share the kind of considerations you need to think about when planning a dining table.
Firstly if you are going to order a bespoke handmade extending dining table, it makes sense to future proof your purchase by making sure that the extendable dining table is long enough if you move house? The beauty of the extendable bespoke dining table is that you can always use less leaves so for example the client wants a table that is 160cm long with no leaves and then 240cm with one leaf.
She doesnt have anymore space currently but because she is ordering a 2nd leaf the table will at a later date be able to go to 320cm for a proper dinner party! You never know what the future holds so it makes sense to be prepared.
One thing that is important to consider of course is the fabled place setting – y9u should always consider a width of at least 60cm for each of your dinner guests (especially as people are now substantially larger than they used to be). You need elbow room and space to lay out the dinner service and of course most chairs are between 50-55cm wide and you don’t want them crammed all together.
So working backwards from that calculation, if you want 4 people per side  you need a table that is minimum 240cm long but really 260-80cm to give a bit of extra space.
Don’t forget of course that you will also get a person at each end so we are talking a 10 seater bespoke handmade extending dining table.
That is also assuming the table is rectangular – if the ends are round or oval and the table is a minimum of 110-120cm wide then you can optionally have 2 people at each end sitting at 45 degrees from each other although its a bit of a squeeze unless teh table width is wide enough.
In our next post we will look at design considerations from a practical viewpoint so come back soon
you can see our bespoke handmade extending dining tables here

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