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Swedish Interior Design

Gustavian Antiques and Fine Dining
As the nights draw in, we start lighting fires and candles, having cosy nights in – and maybe, instead of meeting friends outside, we want to entertain them a little at home.
I love setting the table for a meal with friends. Cooking slow roast venison stews, cinnamon apples, pumpkins soups – the delicious smells filling the house with promise of christmas.
Much to my husbands despair I start listing to christmas carols in November. Yes I love christmas – In fact I love everything about it. It is about now that I start changing the decor – maybe bringing in a few warm colours and getting a little more rustic.
I love bringing the outside in. Maybe this is the time to  take a bit of rustic garden furniture from outside, gathering pinecones, chestnuts and and evergreen branches. Make little autumn displays. 

I love setting the Antique Gustavian Dining table fora meal with friends.
Here, I have arranged branches of pine on a large ceiling light. I have tied old ribbon to the bows on the arms, mixed it with a few cream paper roses. I have placed two tables together, dry brushed one of the tops so they match. I have invited quite a few friends.
For the centre piece of I have used a mora clock, reindeer antlers and and an old champagne bottle with wings more branches of pine. To this I have added an old champagne bottle with wings with a candle in it. I have even used a few vintage wooden dolls as decorations between the plates. I have also used all my lovely old silver cuterlly and butter dishes and bowls.
To finish the look I have placed two huge shutters on either side of the windows and placed vintage candle holders on them for extra light.

antique gustavian dining table setting with mora clock

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