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swedish mora clock

swedish mora clock

So you have decided to buy a swedish Mora clock. You have probably been thinking about it for a while and now its time to get yourself a pressie.
How do you decide?
Antique Mora clocks come in all shapes and sizes and colours so there’s bound to be one for you. As they were all individually made by craftsmen or cooperatives in the early 1800s, every antique clock has a unique combination of elements including:

  • Hood decoration, crown, glass and shape
  • Mora clock body & curve of the waist
  • Clock face and classic or roman numerals
  • Pendulum door shape with or without glass port hole
  • Decorative carvings on the Clock hood or body
  • Plinth shape and width
  • Type of Clock hands
  • Painted decoration and colour
  • Overall height and width
gustavian hallway dresser and mora clock

gustavian hallway dresser and mora clock

So you can see there’s a lot of things you could consider if you were trying to create a checklist.
I always prefer the emotional route. In any selection, there will always be one or more Mora clock that calls out to you on an emotional level and those are the ones to go for (unless you are a collector).
Think of your Mora clock as your best friend for life – someone who will watch over you in your home, console you when you are sad, laugh with you when you celebrate.
There’s just something so human about them – we have 7 Mora clocks at home and they are such good company.
Most of our clients have pet names for their clocks and are often surprised that the Mora clock they choose often isnt the one that logically they would ask for.
So once you’ve decided on the maximum height you can have in the Mora clock‘s chosen location and any width considerations, don’t be afraid to be guided by your heart rather than your head. Go for an unusual colour or design – one that gives you joy.
We have over 60 original antique mora clocks in stock to choose from and we ship worldwide so pop over to the mora clock gallery and see which one you prefer
Jo Lee is Director of Swedish Interior Design

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