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Swedish Interior Design

Here at Swedish Interior Design we love to bring a little French into the décor, especially since now we have a house here, its hard not to be inspired by the wonderful French way of life.
Swedish and French merge so well together. I love marrying the Gustavian pieces with the rustic French.
antique Mora clock and antique rocking horse
One of the things we love doing most is going to the Brocantes at the weekends. Sometimes we travel a long way for them. To get the best things you need to get there early.
Here you can find some real treasures. When we first got out here I bought everything in sight, it’s so easy to get carried away, but now I have reigned myself in a little.
Your heart beats when you get there, the possibilities are endless. Not always have my favourite finds been on view, by delving deep into boxes with lots of seemingly  uninteresting objects I have found the most surprising things.
One of my favourite finds was a huge box bursting with old black lace and beads. Fantastic for crafting.
The lace you can find here is exquisite, I am in awe of the ladies long ago that sat there sewing everything by hand. We are living in a different world now. But if you find hand embroider pieces snap them up, you can use them for so many different things.  I have a whole linen cupboard full of them, all different shapes and sizes.
One lovely way to use lace table clothes or curtains is to drape them on the edge of a Gustavian sofa or they can be made into a canopy over a bed, I have even used them as skirts for my mannequins.
antique lace and gustavian antique sofa
And if you have small pieces you can use them as cushion covers, or edging for bloomers. The possibilities are endless.

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