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Swedish Interior Design

On may 27th, our latest delivery from Sweden will contain some amazing pieces.
We all love the Gustavian style and this incredible 1900s Gustavian sofa at 190cm is really special. With classic Gustavian fluted legs and gilt detailing and the classic cane work motifs, it also has carved lion heads on top of the arms and a very comfortable fully sprung bench seat and webbed back.
I love the lions heads in particular – it really sets off the classic acanthus leaves on the lower arms and makes this antique sofa really stand out.
antique gustavian gilt sofa 190cm
We also have this beautiful antique mora clock in a classic white painted finish and with a very interesting shape to it. I love the hood ornament on it and the lovely detail at the bottom of the clock body with a clean clockface with standard numerals.
antique swedish white AAS mora

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