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Swedish Interior Design

As Im taking a 2 week writing trip in Sweden, I thought I’d share some of the wonderful things about this beautiful country that fill me with joy and are the inspiration behind much of the design work we do at Swedish Interior Design.
madeleine lee  in ewa i walla
Beautiful Sweden, my homeland. Although I have never lived here all year round, I have spent many a long summer swimming in the stunning picturesque lakes, clambering through the leafy forests searching for blueberries and trolls, trailing my hands through cornflowers under scandinavian sunny skies.
You can see my parents stuga in the background where my mama paints her pictures – she’s a really talented artist! I hope she’ll let me blog about her art soon. (And of course I’m wearing swedish label Ewa I Walla – what else?)
Madeleine lee & Marianne Poyser
My mother is Swedish, she is the one responsible for my love for Sweden & all things Swedish. As a child we went to Sweden every year, taking the overnight ferry boat (which was quite an adventure back in those days) & my heart comes alive here. I do believe that although I have lived in England all my life that I am far more Swedish than English in temperament, outlook and design style. Nostalgically Swedish I always say. So if you haven’t been to Sweden yet, I highly recommend it.
Here you can see the front porch of their house, an amazing swedish cottage in the middle of its own forest in the classic reds and blues of the swedish country style.
swedish classic red country house
It is so calm and surrounded by nature with deer running across the lawns and through the woods. I love the red painted wood, the blue porch and white wooden framed windows with the curly folk art design corners. You see this style repeated all over sweden – its so clean and clear and almost spiritually refreshing somehow.
swedish country stuga
The house also has lots of land and outhouses. Here’s a closeup of  my mothers studio again with the lovely covered altarn at the front. Its so easy to be creative and inspired here in nature – its so unspoiled. The air is clean, the water soft, the skies a crystal blue. A little slice of heaven.