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Swedish Interior Design

Continuing my travel through the inspirational vistas of Sweden, after lying on the altarn at the back of my parents house working on my novel , I decided to take photos of the wonderful woods and lawns surrounding it. This is the view from the side of the house … See how the classic reds of the swedish stuga blend perfectly with the natural environment. Everything in Sweden is so visually harmonious. 

Side view of Swedish country cottage

Side view of Swedish country cottage

Especially the wonderful absence of the constant city noises that we seem to take for granted , the clarity of the sky blue sky and the crisp sunlight, to be able to hear the rustling of branches, bird song and the gentle humming of the harvester a few fields away – it is heaven. And not one car in sight. Thats what I like. Now I can think clearly. This is the pathway that leads up to the house ..The perfect chocolate box cottage.
swedish countryside
I can walk with the afternoon sun on my back, drink fresh coffee in the Swedish country side  where life moves at a leisurely pace. There is so much land here in Sweden. Did you know that the population is only 9m … that’s nothing compared to the 60m people crammed into the UK.
Strangely I don’t bump into anyone as I make my way through the plentiful corn fields awaiting their harvest. Walking through forest tracks full of fading bluebells, white smooth rocks rolled into place in the last ice age covered in green moss & lichens and willowing silver birch paving my way and sighing in the breeze.
swedish field of corn
swedish silver birch trees
madeleine lee by a swedish lake with a canoe
  I take a little rest on a canoe by a lake …
the view near julita in sweden over the lake

the view near julita in sweden over the lake

Now I can relax. In peace and tranquillity.

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