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DT13 Bespoke Dressing Table Designs

Here’s a few designs for bespoke dressing tables that we have handmade for clients from antique and seasoned woods. There’s no srestriction to the design of dressing tables we can make – Gustavian, Biedermeier, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Country painted or Sup modern or even a mix of styles

It really is whatever you desire. Any number of mirrors, drawers, shelves in any colour or finish, with specialist makeup lighting or other built in modern refinements and personalised to you. It’s a fabulous adventure to embark on where you are a key member if the design team and we work together to create a unique dr seeing table reflecting your personality and the look you want.

Think about what you would like and what you need in a bespoke dressing table and we can design exactly what you are after in stunning woods with great love and care.


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