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TAB51 Bespoke Gesso ConsoleTable

This is a Bespoke White Antique Pine Server Console Table with musical motif handmade from 150 year old antique pine that we made for a client for their music room in a rustic antique finish.

Our bespoke server and console tables are very popular with our clients because they always need to fit into an different space or be matched to a specific interior design concept. One that doesnt work with an antique table.

So once you let us know your choice of dimensions and finish, we can design the server console table around your needs in our specialist bespoke workshop. Also we can offer a variety of original carvings and mouldings to choose from and can personalise the table in anyway you fancy. What you get is a beautiful antique style piece that is indistinguishable from your other antique pieces, that does what you need and looks exactly as you want. We ship worldwide so let us know what your server table is going to be.


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