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Swedish Interior Design

antique swedish art deco armchairs blue

Every so often a design is just right. All the elements come together and it looks as good as it feels.
Well that is the design of antique swedish art deco armchairs. Coming out of first the Biedermeiermeier period and then the Jugent/Arts and crafts movement, Swedish Art Deco armchairs and other furniture created an entirely new modernistic vision of how life should be.
Coming out of the devastation of the 1st world war, Art Deco was a brave look to the further and an attempt to break from a painful past. To show that there was a positive vision for life and that things could only get better.
A brave New World to misquote ‘Aldous Huxley’ coinciding with the hedonism of the Berlin of the 1920s and flapper culture in general.
Let the good times roll was the motto – after getting that close to apocalypse you can understand why people just wanted to party.
The construction of antique swedish art deco armchairs  was exemplary. Really solid frames, fully sprung artisan made seats with 5 inch copper coil springs, webbed backs for added comfort and the beautiful bentwood golden birch arms in a variety of french polish colour tones from light honey to darker oak to black ormolu style finishes.
They look great in all types of fabric and can fit perfectly into most kinds of design environment which makes them very sought after – and we have have europe’s largest stock of antique swedish art deco armchairs for sale so you can always be assured of finding the armchairs that you want for your project.
Did you know we also specialise in the repair and reupholstery of these fabulous antique armchairs?
We have great expertise in this area and will be very happy to help you sort any problems you might have and to recover your prized chairs and sofas n any material you provide or do specialist upholstery like leather, 2 tone, velvet etc.

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