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Swedish Interior Design

antique french madonna 2I have fallen in love with the Madonna figurines’ since we moved to France. I have collected so many, they are dotted all over the house. I have three in my bedroom alone and one above the bed for keeping us safe. I find them calming and often feel a wave of peace when I catch their serene expression on their chiselled faces.
They come in all sizes. All colours. I love the old ones the most. My dream is to find a full size one. Although we do have a Lady Teresa. A friend found her at a brocante for us. I was over the moon when we received her. She now stands proudly on a shelf built especially for her in the middle of the staircase, again sweeping a wave of tranquillity over the entrance when you come in. At night she is lit up my a lamp.
A Madonna is a representation of Mary, either alone or with her chid Jesus. Madonna is a famous icon for the Catholic and Orthododox church. The word is from Italian ma donna, meaning ‘my lady’.
You can find her image in sculptures, ivory carvings embedded in limestone on the central doors of cathedrals and of course paintings. The earliest representation of the Madonna and child is the wall painting in the Catacomb of Priscilla, Rome.  One day I will go there to see her for myself.
If you are lucky you will find them at Brocantes. We found some beautiful ones that came straight out of a church. We are selling these on my webshop at … or if you visit France you can sometimes pick them up at Brocantes for yourself.
madonnaMadonna’s can transform a plain surface, place a Madonna on a fireplace or a shelf, surround her with candles, she will bring in a calm atmosphere into any room.

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