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Swedish Interior Design

french antique doll and rocking horse

Antique Swedish Biedermeier Sofas are the perfect seating option for your family christmas.
Built by master craftsmen from top quality materials, they provide a real comfortable seating experience for the whole family around that christmas fire place
One reason for the solidity of the build is the old wood that was used – the 1800s swedish makers dried their wood stock properly and so it is solid and dense instead of the bendy quick growth internally damp wood that gets used today – its all about cost cutting now not quality.
It takes time and skill to craft the curving shapes used in the Antique Swedish Biedermeier Sofas for sale that we have on our site – not to mention the pain staking process of putting on the golden birch show wood veneers – slow methodical and delicate.
The veneers were always top quality with wonderful visual movement in them and even the mahogany veneers that were used more rarely have a fine figure to them. As they approached the art deco era post 1920s , the show wood choices shifted to the cherry woods and birds eye maples finished in the ever appealing honey colour french polish finish.
Of course people forget as well how time consuming it is to do a good french polish finish slowly building up layers of the french polish to create the luminescent finish that brings the show wood to life accentuating the wood movement and figure.
Next the installation of the spring bed for the Antique Swedish Biedermeier Sofas takes a long time too as you have to create a twine nest or spiders web for the springs to sit in enabling them to provide the support for the seat – this is underpinned by the webbing that is stretched underneath to provide a firm base for the seat.
Next building up the seat itself  from thick wads of horsehair or natural fibre – note in the 1800s they used straw too and when we reupholster these old sofas we often find the original straw stuffing.

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