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Swedish Interior Design

MC126 Roundhead 1800s Mora Clock Swedish Country Style Distressed Brown

This year antique mora clocks seem to be high on people’s christmas list – so its lucky that santa gets his swedish mora clock presents fro us at
They make fabulous gifts and unlike most xmas tat they are a gift for life – elegant, beautiful, sensual and fun.
There are a variety of colours to choose from in antique mora clocks  whether it is white, grey brown, black with gold handpainting, green, salmon pink or yellow. There’s even the handpainted folk art kurbits finish with the faux wood grain.
There are all sorts of heights too anything from 180-250cm so it depends on how tall you would like your antique mora clock to be. This is often dictated by the space you want to keep it in whether thats a kitchen, hallway, turn in the stairs, living room or bedroom.
Then of course you need to match the feel of the place its going to be in so theres no point in having an elaboratly detailed clock in a very busy room. Its better to get a more simple country style antique mora clock for that place and have the very detailed designs for a different space.
Then there is the shallow belly / pregnant belly decision – the more pronounced the belly the wider the clock so you want a fryksdall type of more clock for example if thats your thing. Then there are the slender less hippy clocks that have a very different feel to them.
Next consider the face – its colour and numbers – do you prefer roman numerals or normal numbers?
Do you want a standard 19″ face or an over large one which are much rarer?

so many decision…….. contact us now for your christmas mora clock
we have about 50 in stock in all shapes and sizes

v rare antique north swedish 1800s grey mora bridal clock 210cm tall

v rare antique north swedish 1800s grey mora bridal clock 210cm tall


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