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Swedish Interior Design

antique swedish art deco armchairs red

 Swedish art deco armchairs  make a wonderful christmas present for your house – a present that is for life not just for christmas.
Once you have sat in a Swedish art deco armchair you know why they are so highly sort after – the construction is first rate with a really strong birch frame that provides the chair with a really solid sitting position.
Next a nest of 5″ copper coil springs is built in a web of twine to provide the basic support for the seat of the Swedish art deco armchair . Then you have layer of hessian to provide a bed for the stuffing that will create the comfort for the seat.
Once the hessian is stretched taught across the chair base supported by the springs, you create a seat with wads of natural fibre or horsehair topped with white felt. This is held in place by a layer of cortel to create the perfect dome profile that a Swedish art deco armchair seat should have.
Next we need to add a Fire Resistant barrier layer on top to meet the relevant legal fire requirements before we bein the final reupholstery in the fabric that you supply.
The clean lines of the Swedish art deco armchairs and the beautiful golden birch veneer bentwood arms that are finished in a glorious french polish finish create a perfect canvas for your choice of fabric – the type of fabric or leather andthe design of it can completely change the feel of the Swedish art deco armchairs.
A classic plain cotton lets the design of the armchair do the talking wheres a really bold modern print makes them look really funky – stars and stripes anyone? If you want a traditional feel , then classic 1800s stripes are just thing thing or to be true to teh heritage of the armchairs then an art deco print would be perfect.
As you might guess we specialise in the reupholstery and repair of art deco armchiars so if you have some that need doing get in contact for a quote
white leather antique art deco armchair

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