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One consideration that you may forget when ordering your Bespoke Extendable Dining Table  is the actual colour you are choosing.
This may seem like a trite point since colour and/or finish will be probably one of your first ideas but it is amazing how often people fail to recognise that the colour you pick off a paint chart either online or printed may not look the same in your dining room.
There are a number of factors that will affect how your Bespoke Extendable Dining Table  looks in your dining room and each needs to be thought through as they will affect how you see teh table colour both individually and in concert.
1.Type of lighting
This is important and how the Bespoke Extendable Dining Table is lit will affect your colour vision – is it overhead lighting ? perhaps a chandelier with lots of crystal or glass sending reflections across the table surface?
Could it be indirect uplighting in the room with candle light flickering yellow across the surfaces?
Perhaps you have chosen led tracking lighting with a dimmer that can create both soft mood and strong clear lighting? or maybe even led ceiling spots that throw a single wash of light across your Bespoke Extendable Dining Table ?
2. Colour of bulbs
As we move into the world of LED lighting and away from the old school bulbs and even halogen, your choice of bulb colour will massively affect your colour perception of the table. There are usually 3 choices of bulb colour – blue white (Cold White), yellow (Warm White) or neutral.
Each of these will bring out a different tone in the colour shade of your Bespoke Extendable Dining Table 
So whether you have chosen an off white, grey , black, natural or polished finished, the colour accents from the lighting will have a major effect on what you see along with the type of paint finish ie satin/gloss/matt/eggshell/hi lacquer which all affect the amount of sheen the light will reflect from.
Think carefully when choosing!
3. Natural daylight
This will interact  with your artificial lighting to again affect the colour tones so make sure you check the paint colour by using a tester pot painted on a piece of wood to see how daylight affects the colour in tandem with the 2 points discussed above.
We handmake and design Bespoke Extendable Dining Tables for clients all over the world so let us know if you would like us to make a table for you

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